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Stefan Broda

Service géologique national allemand

Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Ressources
Wilhemstrasse 25-30
13593 Berlin

Téléphone : +49 3036993 50
Courriel :
Lieu d'encadrement : UQAT
Habilitation : Habilitation à codiriger de façon ponctuelle

Modelling preferential flow in waste rock piles using stochastic fractured network approach; validation with laboratory (column tests) and field-scale (waste rock pile)

Distributed temperature sensing for evaluating capillary barrier efficiency in waste rock piles (field-scale experiment and numerical flow and heat transport modelling).

Evaluation of elevated water table reclamation technique in tailings impoundments using 3D numerical flow modelling, in-situ and laboratory experiments

Artificial Neural Networks for forecasting weekly, monthly and seasonal groundwater levels under application of ensemble climate scenarios

Water resources mapping at the national and international scale, involving harmonization of materials and methods, remote sensing, and data management

Technical cooperation with Geological Surveys and Ministries in Africa for promoting integrated water resources management (currently cooperating with Niger Basin
Authority and Lake Chad Basin Agency)

Larocque, M., Broda, S. (2016). Groundwater – Surface Water Interactions in Canada. Canadian Water Resources Journal, TCWR-2016-0007, accepted.

Khalil, B., Broda, S., Adamowski, J., Ozga-Zielinski, B., Donohoe, A. (2015). Shortterm forecasting of groundwater levels under tailings recharge using wavelet
ensemble neural network models. Hydrogeology Journal 23(1): 121-141.

Broda, S., Aubertin, M., Blessent, D., Hirthe, E., Graf, T. (2014). Improving control of emissions from waste rock piles. Environmental Geotechnics,