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Noura Ziadi

Centre de recherche et développement de Québec

Agriculture et agroalimentaire Canada
2560, boul. Hochelaga
Sainte-Foy, Québec
G1V 2J3

Courriel :
Lieu d'encadrement : UQAT
Habilitation : Habilitation à codiriger

Dr. Ziadi is conducting research on soil fertility and plant nutrition during almost 23 years; more specifically when she arrived to Canada to start her M.Sc. During her career with AAFC and Laval University, Dr. Ziadi’s research and achievements contribute to two national priorities: 1) Enhance environmental performance of the Canadian agricultural system; and 2) Enhance economic benefits for all stakeholders.
As a soil fertility and plant nutrition’s specialist, Dr. Ziadi develops technologies, methods, and knowledge for better management of mineral fertilizers by increasing their use efficiency while reducing their negative environmental impacts. Dr. Ziadi developed and validated models for P and N diagnosis in corn, wheat, potatoes, and timothy production and developed new technologies to ensure effective management of industrial wastes, especially paper mill biosolids. Dr. Ziadi developed soil methods/techniques to better characterize nutrients availability to plants. Indeed, she developed the use of ionic exchange membranes, the electro-ultrafiltration and the near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technique in soil science.
Dr. Ziadi conducts her research on national (from Coast to Coast) and international scale (France, China, Switzerland, Finland, Tunisia) in multi-disciplinary teams including government and university researchers and industry partners. Her research includes training of post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, technicians and biologists. During her career, Dr. Ziadi has published 117 papers in high-standard scientific journals in collaboration with national (50) and international scientists (10).
During the last six years, Dr. Ziadi led discussion at the international and national levels regarding the need to improve our understanding of soil P cycling. Thus, she created and led three international teams on P cycling under different agro ecosystems and she obtained the funding to lead this research. Seventeen scientists were involved in these projects with experimental sites in Canada (QC, ON, MB, SK, BC), China, Switzerland, France, and Finland. Dr. Ziadi is a fellow from the Canadian society of soil science and was recognized by the Canadian Society for Horticultural Science and by Weed Science Society of America’s for two outstanding papers.