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Monique Lacroix


Institut national de la recherche scientifique
Institut Armand-Frappier - Laval
531, boul. des Prairies
Laval-des-Rapides (QUÉBEC)
H7V 1B7

Téléphone : 450 687-5010 #4489
Courriel :
Lieu d'encadrement : UQÀM
Habilitation : Habilitation à diriger

I- Development of edible film, biodegradable film, food coating, food encapsulation using different methods of “cross-linking” of natural polymers such as proteins and polysaccharides in order to:

a- To prolong the shelf life
b- To restrict the passage of water or lipid between the constituents of prepared food.
c- To limit the oxidation of nutrients ex: vitamins
d- To preserve the viability of probiotic bacteria and the bioactivity of antioxidant / antimutagenic compounds for nutraceutical, cosmetic or pharmaceutical applications.
e- To assure a control release of the bioactive compounds (ex: patches, bioactive packaging (antimicrobial, antioxidant).

• One technology: bioactive (antimicrobial) packaging film using immobilized essential oils has already been developed and is ready for marketing.
• One technology: Lactic acid bacteria coating to preserve the bioactivity of probiotic bacteria and to protect against the degradation of vitamins and polyphenols and the bioactivity of these compounds has already been developed and is ready for marketing.

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2009 Dehkharghania, M., Lacroix, M., Vijayalakshmi, M.A. Antioxidant properties of green tea polyphenols encapsulated in caseinate beads. Dairy Science and Technology 89, 485-499.

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